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Comfort Keepers Offers Light Housekeeping Services in Southbury, CT

Caring senior service plans help seniors maintain a clean, clutter-free home to promote wellness

Generally, seniors are ready for in home care when they begin experiencing a reduced ability to keep up with the demands of everyday living. One of the major aspects of a healthy living environment is cleanliness. If it is becoming increasingly difficult for your loved one to keep a tidy home, companion caregivers can help them get back on track.

There are many reasons why a clean home is crucial for helping your loved one stay healthy. A tidy home can prevent injuries and your loved one will be less at risk of falling. A clean living space also means decreased risk of developing hygiene-related illnesses and other health problems.

Admittedly, many seniors may feel embarrassed admitting to needing a bit of help around the house. This is why Comfort Keepers picks only the most compassionate and empathetic caregivers to provide in-home senior care services.

Our caregivers are available to help your loved one with light housekeeping as part of our regular caring senior service program. Although a caregiver's primary objective is helping your loved one with personal care and helping them stay on top of other health-related daily activities, they can pick up light housekeeping chores along the way.

Your loved one will be living in a much more organized and maintained home with caregivers helping with chores such as washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, mopping, vacuuming, clearing the house of clutter, organizing cupboards, drawers and wardrobes.

An important aspect of caring senior service is companionship. While a caregiver works, they will be talking to your loved one and getting to know them better. Hopefully, over time, your loved one will come to trust and become comfortable with our care providers.

As part of our Interactive Caregiving program, we encourage seniors to participate in any and all caregiving activities including light housekeeping. If they want to and are able, your loved one can clean along with the caregiver. This will help keep them active and engaged, but will also give them a sense of pride knowing they are participating and not just passively receiving care. They can take ownership of their home again.

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