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In-Home Assisted Living Services in Southbury, CT and the Surrounding Area

Does your loved one find it challenging to do the things they once enjoyed? We help seniors with their activities of daily living from the comfort of their own home.

If you have been thinking that it's time to consider an assisted living community in the Southbury area for you or a family member, Comfort Keepers wants you to know that there are options aside from nursing homes that can provide you the care services that you need.


Comfort Keepers of Southbury offers non-medical home care services, which is often a preferred option to traditional assisted living facilities as it allows seniors to continue living independently while receiving the level of care that they need.


What is In-Home Assisted Living With Comfort Keepers Southbury?

Comfort Keepers offers a wide variety of home health care options for seniors in the Southbury, CT area, including long-term care, personal care, Alzheimer's & dementia care, and more.



Our in-home assisted living care option provides a unique take on traditional senior care. Our Comfort Keepers provide in-home care services include everything from companionship, meal preparation, medication reminders, personal grooming and hygiene, and even toileting and incontinence care, as well as senior transportation - also known as incidental transportation, which includes caregiver escorting into the grocery store to assist with shopping, carrying bags, etc.


These residential care services allow seniors to live in their home all while receiving the type of care that they need, when they need it.


Why Choose In-Home Assisted Living Care Over Assisted Living Facilities?

In-home assisted living with Comfort Keepers provides a senior living experience like no other. Our caregivers provide older adults with a level of in-home care that is similar to nursing care, all while allowing them the independent living that they desire.


With our in-home assisted living services, seniors receive compassionate full-time care from our health aides without them even having to leave their own home unless they choose to do so.


Choosing between in-home assisted living and a skilled nursing home will ultimately come down to what works best for your care needs - which is up to you and your family members to decide, but we're happy to help along the way.


Learn More About Home Care With Comfort Keepers

Have questions about our other types of care services or wondering about the cost of care with Comfort Keepers Southbury?


We can help you compare assisted living vs. home care and answer all of your questions and concerns - such as the cost of home care, if we work with Medicare or Medicaid, and more.


Recieve the amenities and services available through assisted living in the comfort of your home


We all love our parents and want the best for them. As they approach their senior years, this does not change. We want to make sure they are staying healthy and have everything they need to live a fulfilling life. However, it can be tough find the right assisted living fit for our parents considering their particular wants and needs. The good news is that Comfort Keepers’ home care services are now available in Southbury, CT. Our advanced home care services are professional and developed for the needs of seniors from all walks of life and with any possible age-related and other illnesses.


There are a number of different assisted living facilities (ALFs) for seniors across the country. Most often, we refer to AFLs as nursing homes, but the two are quite different. AFLs are places where older adults become a part of a group living environment that is adapted to the needs of older adults. Although there are a number of positive aspects of assisted living facilities, there are also quite a few drawbacks.


Did you know that as many as 80% of seniors express the wish to stay in their own homes for as long as possible and at all cost? In turn, should they chose to move to an AFL, most seniors express very high levels of stress and the move ends up being much more of a shock than they bargained for. Thankfully, home care agencies like Comfort Keepers provide assisted living services for older adults right in their own homes. With Comfort Keepers, your loved one can continue living within a familiar ecosystem as they age. This is a superior option by far.


Agencies that provide assisted living services in the home like Comfort Keepers do provide the best option for older adults. We make sure your loved one receives the best possible care, but they are still able to continue living in the comfort of their own home, holding on to their much-treasured dignity and independence. Your loved one does not have to go through the unnecessary stress of having to adapt to a new environment and people.


The particularities of each senior’s assisted living plan are determined on a case-to-case basis. We start with a complete in-home assessment and move on from there. To find out more, please give us a call today. Our support staff is available 24/7. 


Call us today at (203) 924-4949 to schedule a free in-home assessment and learn more about our non-medical care as well as the monthly cost of in-home assisted living.


Uplifting In Home Care for Seniors in Southbury, CT

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